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Dify.AI V0.3.30 is here! Explore the Exciting GPT4-Vision Multimodal Model



Nov 13, 2023

Dify.AI v0.3.30!✌️

This update officially supports the multimodal capabilities of the GPT4-Vision model. This update enhances your conversational experience by incorporating images into dialogues and providing advanced image recognition and analysis. Let's dive straight into what this means for you:

Enhanced Interaction through Images:

  • Share images to express thoughts and emotions.

  • No need to describe scenes; simply send a picture to convey your message.

Advanced Image Analysis in Dialogues:

  • GPT4-Vision identifies objects, scenes, and emotions within images.

  • Gain deeper insights into the conversation with additional image-related information.

Check out this video:

via @dify_ai

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