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Dify.AI: 46,558 Lines of Code, Fully Open Source



May 15, 2023

Since the official launch of the Cloud version on May 9th, Dify.AI has been well-received and widely shared by developers. In less than a week, over 4,000 applications have been created, and even before we went open source, our GitHub Star count had exceeded 700+. This makes us deeply feel the power of the community! At the same time, we are extremely honored and excited that Dify can bring such powerful creativity to developers.

Now, the long-awaited open-source version is here! From writing the first line of code on March 1st to now over two months later, a total of 45,852 lines of code have been fully open-sourced on GitHub. (It's worth mentioning that about 30% of the code was produced by GPT.)

Check it out on GitHub

(Dify.AI adopts AGPL+MIT mixed open-source license)

Dify.AI Core Capabilities

01. Visual Prompt Orchestration

Create and debug prompts through a visual interface and publish an AI application in just a few minutes.

02. Integration with Long Context (Dataset)

Automatically complete text preprocessing using your data as context without understanding obscure concepts and technical processing.

03. API-based Development

Backend as a service. Access web applications directly or integrate APIs into your application without worrying about complex backend architecture and deployment processes.

04. Data Annotation and Improvement

Visually review AI logs and improve data annotation to observe AI inference processes and continuously enhance performance.

Planned Capabilities

Driven by rapid advancements in large language models and community feedback, Dify will continuously improve product experience and capability boundaries while perfecting Ops (continuous operation) platform features. Our long-term product planning includes:

  • Plugin Capabilities
    Integrate plugins into App orchestration, allowing access to AI applications with plugin capabilities through an API or WebApp. Compatible with ChatGPT Plugins standard plugins.

  • Dataset Import from Web/Notion
    Support for richer data formats and import sources.

  • Richer Application Templates
    Provide ready-to-use application templates to iterate prompts based on templates and enhance application capabilities.

  • Data Monitoring
    Provide data monitoring from operational cost, performance indicators, user retention metrics, etc. More monitoring dimensions will be gradually planned in the future.

  • Open Source Model Support
    Actively embrace open-source communities and projects to provide developers with richer and more open model support.

About Dify.AI

Dify.AI is an open-source and easy-to-use LLMOps platform that helps developers build AI applications more simply and quickly. Dify offers visual Prompt orchestration, operation, dataset management, and other features. You can create an AI application in just a few minutes or quickly integrate LLM into existing applications for continuous operation and improvement, creating a truly valuable AI application.

We Look Forward to Your Participation

Going open source is the first step for Dify towards an open AI ecosystem. We believe that with the power of the open-source community, we can inject strong innovation momentum into Dify while providing a nurturing platform for AI innovation for developers. Unleash the full potential of large language models and explore the new world of AI together with global innovators.

We welcome every developer's participation and contribution. If you have any ideas about Dify, you can participate in discussions or contribute your code and ideas through GitHub issues, PRs or the Dify community.

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